Los Angeles Regional Tournament

Division B and C teams from Los Angeles County compete for the opportunity to advance to the Southern California State Tournament in April.

Location: Antelope Valley College, Lancaster
Date: February 1st, 2020
Divisions: A, B, C

Final Scoreboard Is Posted!

The finalized scores for the 2020 Los Angeles Regional Science Olympiad Tournament at Antelope Valley College have been posted on the Tournament web page. Tabulation errors were found in Mission Possible B, Codebusters C, and Gravity Vehicle C. There were no changes to the top 6 overall schools in either division.

Representing the Antelope Valley College Tournament and advancing to the State Tournament at Caltech on Sat, April 4, 2020 are:
Division B:
1. Huntington MS
2. Sierra Madre MS
3. Gretchen Whitney
4. Oak Avenue

Division C:
1. Glen A. Wilson HS
2. Gretchen Whitney HS
3. North Hollywood HS
4. San Marino HS
5. West HS

The certificate of appreciation and certificate of excellence have been emailed to the coaches for their use.

We would appreciate it if you could please fill out this survey and pass it along to your students. Your feedback is important for us to improve the quality of our tournament.

Final Reminders

Rules Clarifications Deadline
The deadline for all rules clarifications is next Monday, January 27th at 5PM. No additional rules clarifications for the AVC tournament will be accepted after that point.

Flight events room dimensions
Elastic Launched Glider B, Ping Pong Parachute B&C and Wright Stuff C will be taking place in the gym. The gym is 110 x 60 feet with a height of 25 feet 2 inches.

Aerodynamics A will be taking place in the cafeteria. The lowest point in the cafeteria is 17 feet.

Parent Volunteers
Each team must provide about 2 people-hours of volunteers on the day of the event. The assignments will not require technical knowledge of the events and may include: making sure the doors are shut for the flight events, helping with delivering lunches, checking in students, helping at the check in table, etc. Most assignments can be performed by just 1 adult volunteer for the duration of 2 hours and 30 minutes. Some assignments require having 2 adult volunteers simultaneously for 1 hour. If you can provide 2 adults volunteers 1 hour simultaneously, please let us know immediately.

Parents MUST complete this volunteer training from the soinc organization.

Parents MUST fill out the 18+ release form and it can be found in the Downloads & Links section.

Bus Parking
A map of the AVC site can be found in the Downloads & Links section.

Buses can drop off teams in front of the APL building and can park in Lot 3. Please be aware of the construction zones.

All other vehicles can be parked anywhere. No passes are necessary. Parking Lots 9, 10, 11, 12 are recommended.

ESUS (Division B & C only) Please check that your team has signed-up for all the building events in the Downloads & Links section.

Important Notes for building events:
Mission Possible B: Teams must show up during the timeblock they sign up for in Mission Possible B to start their 30 minute set up. If students have to leave immediately after the timeblock is over, they should show up early to make sure they have sufficient time to run their device and get to their next event. Students should check with the Event Supervisors to see when they can start setting up. Please note that because of the setup time, a team that arrives in the middle of the timeblock may have their 30 minutes of setup time and their 3-minute run time go over into the following timeblock.

Sounds of Music C: This is a full-hour event. Division C teams should show up at the beginning of the timeblock that they signed up for. Teams showing up late may not have as much time for the test.

Detector C: This is a full-hour event. Division C teams should show up at the beginning of the timeblock that they signed up for. Teams showing up late may not have as much time for the test.

Release Forms and Team Roster Is Posted!

The student release forms and team roster have been posted in the Downloads & Links section.
Each participating student will need to fill out either a Minor or 18+ release form. Each team will only need to submit one copy of the team roster form.

Please be prepared to submit hard copies of all the above on the day of competition.

Pill Bug Final Submission Link Is Posted!

The 3rd and final submission link for Pill Bugs has been made available in the Downloads & Links section.
As a reminder, all 3 submissions must be submitted by Thursday, 1/30/2020.

Schedule Is posted!

The 2020 Preliminary LA Antelope Valley College Schedule is posted in the Downloads & Links section.

Division A Is Expanding!

We will be opening up the AVC tournament registration and allowing any school to register a 2nd Division A team for the AVC tournament. The 2nd team will have to be registered just like the 1st team was and membership dues will be required for the 2nd team. Principal verification will not be necessary and COI (assuming that you�ve already provided it) as well.

There are limited slots available, so we will be accepting the registration on a first-come, first-served basis for the remaining slots.

Insurance Requirement Is Posted!

The insurance instructions and reuqirement is posted in the Downloads & Links section.

Registration Is Open!

Team Registration is now open for the 2019-2020 season! Click here to register. The 2020 Preliminary State Schedule is posted here. The rules are available online for free at store.soinc.org.

Game On B

For the 2019-2020 season, Southern California will be running Codebusters B in place of Game On B. This change only applies to Regional and State tournaments in Southern California. The rules for Codebusters can be found here.

Number of Teams per School

Each school may register up to two teams to attend this Regional Tournament. Any additional registered teams may only participate at Invitational Tournaments.

Downloads & Links

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