Los Angeles Elementary Tournament

Location: Temple City High School, Temple City
Date: April 27, 2024
Divisions: A
Tournament Directors: Ryan Wong

Communique 5

Final Scoreboard

The final scoreboard is linked in the downloads section below and live on Duosmium. It was great to see everyone in action this past weekend, thank you again for all your hard work in bringing joy to the students! I hope to see you all again next year!


If you have a few minutes to fill out tthis anonymous feedback form to let us know how we can improve.

Communique 4

Preliminary Scoreboard

The preliminary scoreboard is now posted as a PDF in the downloads section below. Scores are subject to review and score inquiry until 5pm.

Communique 3

[Urgent] ESUS

This is a reminder that the event self-sign up on ESUS (for the Balloon Racer, Egg Drop, How Big Can It Grow? Events) closes in one week. Login and access information is detailed in Communique 2 and was sent to head coaches prior to last Wednesday. Please sign up for events/make any necessary changes before the deadline.

Schedule & Room Assignments

The prefinal schedule with rooms has been uploaded to the webpage and can be viewed and downloaded here.

Map & Head Coach Check-In

A map of campus can be downloaded from our webpage here. Please see the parking map in the “Parking & Home Bases” section below to see where coach check-in is. Please refer to Communique 2 for details on what to bring to Head Coach Check-In.

During check-in, we will be providing a trash bag for each team so that we can clean up after ourselves. We hope that teams will continue to help up with the Science Olympiad tradition of keeping the campus the way we found it or better. If you need additional trash bags during the day, please don't hesitate to ask us for more. Please be sure to place your trash bag in the trash bin on campus or take it home with you.

Parking & Home Bases Please click on the image for a full size version.

Drop off zone: The gate on Temple City Blvd (bottom part of the green area on the map) will be open Saturday morning for parents to drop off competitors while looking for parking. Traffic control officers will be present to assist with directing students onto campus and with parking.

Car: Team parking will be available at Temple City High School in the parking lot off of Temple City Blvd (blue area on the map). The lot will open at 7:00am. Street parking is also available on Camino Real and Oak.

Bus: Buses will not be allowed into the Team Parking Lot for drop off or parking. Buses can drop off students on the west side of Temple City Blvd (green area on the map). Buses may decide to park at nearby large parking lots.

Home Bases: During the day, teams may set up home base either in the Lunch Shelter area next to the 400 building, or in the main Quad area by the gym. Please do NOT set up on the football field, on any softball or baseball fields, directly adjacent to the 100 and 400 buildings, or adjacent to the side of the 300 building.

Food on Campus

A taco stand and fluff ice truck will be selling food starting around brunchtime. Light refreshments/beverages including hot coffee will be available for sale throughout the day.

Science Showcase

The Temple City High School and Oak Avenue Science Olympiad teams will be showcasing some of the events in Division B (middle school) and Division C (high school) from the past 2023-24 season. Your students can drop by the Gym throughout the day to see what they can look forward to as they continue competing in Science Olympiad!

Closing Ceremony

The Closing Ceremony will take place in the Gym and will start at 1:30pm. We ask that coaches and competitors sit downstairs and parents to first prioritize the upstairs seating to facilitate teams picking up their awards.

Parent Volunteers

In the past, we have asked teams to provide a parent volunteer for a few hours during the day. Teams will NOT be asked to provide any parent volunteers this year.


Please do not enter closed competition areas. Additionally, please do not take photos of students not on your team.

Minor Procedural Issues Contact Number

On the day of the event, if there are quick procedural issues, Head Coaches can call (626) 268-1661. Please make this option a useful one and only use this number judiciously to make sure it helps facilitate the process and not negatively impact it. Quick procedural issues include: Event Supervisor is missing for an event; Event Supervisor is checking for student ID to let them in, Event Supervisors not allowing certain items that should be allowed, etc.

Communique 2

Team Numbers

Team numbers are now assigned and can be viewed here (or scroll to the Downloads section and click “Attending Teams”).


The Preliminary Schedule v2 has been posted here. There are no changes to the event conflicts/grouping. The only changes are in the number of teams per block.

Campus Map & Head Coach Check-In

You can find a campus map here. Head coach check-in will be at the front entrance of the media center (on the east side of the building, which is to the right on the map). Head coaches should come in the morning between 7:15-8:15AM on 4/27 to pick up wristbands for their team and turn in required forms. Please bring the following physical items to coach check-in:

Self-sign Up Events

For each of the self-sign up events, teams will sign up for a timeblock to compete in the event. Competitors should arrive at the start of the timeblock for which they are signed up to ensure they get the full time to compete in the event. We will be using the Event Sign Up System (ESUS), for the self-scheduled events sign ups. The sign-up window will open on Wednesday April 10 at 5:00pm and close on Wednesday April 24 at 5:00pm. There are limited spots in each timeblock, and sign-ups will be first come first serve. The link to access the self-schedule sign up is https://esus.socalscioly.org/login.php?tid=290.

Head Coaches will receive an automated email from noreply@esus.socalscioly.org before Friday 4/5 with the login information for your team(s) and detailed instructions on how to use ESUS. Schools with multiple teams should use the same ESUS login information. If you would like a video demo, you can watch this short video from 5:29 to 6:34. Please let me know if you have any questions about ESUS. In short, log in using the pregenerated login info in the automated email. Then, click the "Signups" button on the left. Select a team to sign up in events, select an event, and then select a timeblock to sign up for. Signups automatically save, there is no separate save button.

Day Of Logistics

Please stay tuned for more updates on day of logistics (including parking, home base setup, event locations, etc.).

Communique 1

Happy November! The Los Angeles Regional Science Olympiad Elementary tournament this season will be on February 17, 2024 at Antelope Valley College and April 27, 2024 at Temple City High School.

Preliminary Schedule

The preliminary schedules for the tournament can be found in the downloads section below. Please note that while most events are listed as 50 minutes in the rules, we’ll be running all events in 45 minute blocks to better accommodate the tournament schedule.

Certificate of Insurance

Instructions on how to obtain a Certificate of Insurance with the proper wording for the tournament can be found in the downloads section below.

Registration Status

Thank you to all the teams who have already signed up online. As a reminder, participation at the tournament is not guaranteed until registration is complete (principal verification, certificate of insurance, and membership dues). If you have not yet signed up, please do so at the registration tab here. This year, registration for the TCHS tournament will be capped at 40 teams.

Registration is Open!

Welcome to the 2023-2024 season of Elementary Science Olympiad. We're excited to share that the National Science Olympiad has released a set of 16 standardized events for all of us to use. The Science Olympiad Regional Directors met earlier this week and agreed to all use this set of events for this year's tournament. The digital 2023-2024 rules are available for purchase through the National Store for $32. Please note that for elementary Division A only, the maximum team size has been changed from 15 to 16.

The Los Angeles Regional Elementary Tournament will take place on April 27, 2024 at Temple City High School and February 17, 2024 at Antelope Valley College. The schedule of the tournament will be released in the coming weeks. Registration for the elementary competition is now open at here. The registration fee is $250/team. Payment can be submitted through credit card/paypal here or by sending a check made payable to "Southern California Science Olympiad."

With the standardization of the events, we will also be using a standardized rules clarification system for the elementary program where you'll be able to submit your question through the SoCal web page. More information on this will be coming soon!

Welcome to the 2023-2024 Season!

For the upcoming season, the National Science Olympiad will be releasing a set of 16 standardized events available on the National Science Olympiad web page during the fall. Please stay tuned for more information about the dates and locations of the Los Angeles Elementary Regional Tournament and when registration for the tournament will be available.

Number of Teams per School

The limit on the number of teams per school has been removed. All teams are expected to compete at the Regional Tournament.

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